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June 2021

Fyrsta skóflustunga að nýrri verksmiðju Algalífs í Reykjanesbæ

By Fréttir

Bjarni Benediktsson fjármálaráðherra og Kjartan Már Kjartansson bæjarstjóri Reykjanesbæjar tóku í dag fyrstu skóflustungu að nýrri verksmiðju líftæknifyrirtækisins Algalífs að Axartröð 1 á Ásbrú í Reykjanesbæ. Hin nýja 7.000 m² verksmiðja mun rísa við hlið núverandi 5.500 m² starfsstöðvar Algalífs.

Algalif breaking ground for the biggest astaxanthin production in the world

By News

Algalif has started construction on its 12.500 m² astaxanthin production facilities in Iceland. Today, the honorable Icelandic minister of finance, Mr. Bjarni Benediktsson, and Mr. Kjartan Már Kjartansson, the honorable mayor of Reykjanesbaer, broke ground on the new building.

When it is finished in 2023, it will be the biggest, most sustainable, and most technically advanced astaxanthin production facility in the world. The investment in the expansion project is 30 million US$.

All production will be sustainable and Algalif will stay a zero-fossil fuel company, using only 100% green geothermal energy.

“Everything is going according to plan, and we look forward to being able to serve our customers even better in the coming years as a reliable business partner offering sustainable quality natural astaxanthin products,” says Orri Björnsson, Algalif CEO.

Since its foundation in 2012, Algalif has gained status as an industry leader in the production of high-quality sustainable natural astaxanthin from microalgae. This is due to superb production quality and delivery security, along with extensive industry knowledge of the management team and competitive cost structure.

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