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July 2024

Fucoxanthin – The gold in golden microalgae

By The Algalif Blog

What is fucoxanthin?

Fucoxanthin is a golden member of the colorful group of carotenoids, which are natural pigments who share similar chemical structure. Fucoxanthin is the most abundant carotenoid on earth, about 10% of all, but it is unique to Algae, both seaweeds and microalgae. Despite its abundance, we hardly consume any fucoxanthin in our diet. So, unless we are fans of Japanese cuisine, we are not benefitting from the plethora of health benefits that fucoxanthin provides.

How is fucoxanthin good for health?

The most important and unique health benefit of fucoxanthin is its activity against metabolic syndrome (MetS), which is considered a global epidemic affecting 25% of the world’s population. MetS is a cluster of conditions including central obesity, diabetes, and insulin resistance, which is linked to reduced productivity, increased healthcare costs, and the onset of severe diseases.

Fucoxanthin was shown to work in the mitochondria of central fat layers to increase the burning of fats. Moreover, fucoxanthin improves the hormonal balance of fat tissue to increase its breakdown for energy and to ameliorate insulin resistance. Clinical studies have shown that the outcome of these processes is reduced waist size and normalized blood sugar levels.

Fucoxanthin also has neuroprotective effects, meaning that it potentially prevents neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of memory loss and dementia. In addition, it protects brain cells from damage after head trauma or stroke.

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Astaxanthin Supplementation and Cognitive Health: New Insights from Recent Research.

By News, The Algalif Blog

In the realm of health supplements, astaxanthin has garnered attention for its potent antioxidant properties. The market for astaxanthin is growing fast as more people become aware of its potential. Recently, a review paper published in the journal Nutrients explored the cognitive health benefits of astaxanthin supplementation. The paper was written by a group of scientists from Edge Hill University in the UK. It sheds light on the potential of astaxanthin to enhance mental performance and protect against cognitive decline. The paper can be found here.

Key Findings

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Anti-aging and skin care

By The Algalif Blog

Astaxanthin is commonly used in supplements, but it can also be used for various cosmetic products, especially those that provide anti-aging effects. Astaxanthin helps neutralize free radicals and protect the skin from harmful solar radiation and environmental pollution. In addition, it helps reduce inflammation and improve the elasticity and texture of the skin. Astaxanthin is especially known for its ability to reduce the signs of skin aging, including the prominence of fine lines and wrinkles.

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