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Algalif´s astaxanthin products certified by CarbonNeutral®

By January 22, 2022January 28th, 2022Awards, News

In accordance with Algalif´s Environmental Policy Manifesto, Algalif´s astaxanthin products are now certified as a CarbonNeutral®. Algalif produces plant microalgae using clean natural water and green geothermal energy.

For two decades, the CarbonNeutral® Protocol has played a critical role in enabling clients to confidently make clear and credible claims about their climate programs and navigate the complicated and rapidly developing landscape of voluntary climate action.

Algalif choose CarbonNeutral® as a green certification partner based on its outstanding reputation. Among other international companies with the same certifications are Microsoft, Logitech, and Sky. For further information regarding the CarbonNeutral® certification please go to www.carbonneutral.com.


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