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Algalif Iceland has received Landsbankinn´s Sustainable Finance Label.

By February 9, 2022February 10th, 2022Awards, News

Algalif Iceland is a world-leading producer of sustainable natural astaxanthin from microalgae. The company only uses 100% green geothermal energy and follows a strict Environmental Policy. And now Algalif Iceland has received Landsbankinn´s Sustainable Finance Label.

Landsbankinn is a leading financial institution in Iceland, offering universal financial services to individuals, corporates, and investors. The bank operates in harmony with the environment and society. For further information click here.

Algalif is among the biggest microalgae companies in the world and will grow even further in the coming years with its expansion. From 2023 the company will produce over 5.000 kg of sustainable natural astaxanthin in its 12.500 m² production facilities in Iceland. Thereby, it will be the biggest producer of natural astaxanthin in the world.

The picture shows Orri Björnsson, CEO of Algalíf og Hrafn Hardarson from Landsbankinn.

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