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Astalíf™ is now certified Vegan®

By April 18, 2024News

The Astalíf™ microalgae astaxanthin biomass and all Astalíf™ astaxanthin oleoresins products are now certified Vegan® by the Vegan Society. The certificate can be found here.

All Algalif´s astaxanthin products are derived from the Haematococcus Pluvialis microalgae, which makes them all vegan, but this certification ensures that all production processes are within the framework of The Vegan Society for a Vegan® certification.


The Vegan Society is the oldest vegan organization in the world. The Vegan® trademark is an internationally recognized product certification, established in 1990 by the Vegan Society. There are about 65.000 vegan products from about 30.000 companies certified by the Vegan Society around the world.

Astalíf™ is a brand name by Algalíf Iceland for astaxanthin products from microalgae. Algalif is an industry leader in the production of high-quality sustainable natural astaxanthin from microalgae. The company is the biggest producer of natural astaxanthin in Europe and one of the biggest in the world.

All astaxanthin products from Algalíf Iceland are also Carbon Neutral, Non-GMO, Halal, and Kosher certified. All Algalif certifications can be found here. Algalif Iceland and its production processes are regularly inspected by local authorities as well as the European Food Safety Authority and USA Food and Drug Administration.

All Algalif certifications can be found here.

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