Fjögurra milljarða erlend fjárfesting í stækkun líftæknifyrirtækisins Algalífs.

By Fréttir

Verksmiðjusvæðið mun rúmlega tvöfaldast en framleiðsla á astaxanthíni rúmlega þrefaldast.

Rúmlega eitt hundrað innlend störf verða til á framkvæmdatímanum 2021 til 2022 og a.m.k. 35 ný framtíðarstörf munu skapast hjá fyrirtækinu.

Algalíf verður eitt stærsta örþörunga fyrirtæki í heimi. Stækkunin er að fullu fjármögnuð erlendis frá.

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Algalif Science Manager to Address Quality Control at Algae Biomass Summit

By Fréttir, News

Algalif®, Icelandic producer of pure, high-grade, natural astaxanthin from microalgae, will participate in an informative session at the 13th annual Algae Biomass Summit taking place in Orlando, FL September 16-19.

Algae Biomass Summit is the go-to conference for algae-based product developers and the scientific community looking to further unlock the potential of algae. Tryggvi Stefansson, science manager at Algalif will take part in Biomass Quality: Ensuring Success in Meeting Quality Standards on September 19th from 8:30 to 10:30am.

The session will bring together experts both working on the front lines of producing, marketing and selling biomass and those supporting the commercialization of algae with biomass characterization assessment. It will provide a lively forum offering advice, best practices and case studies for delivering algae-based food and nutritional products that meet even the strictest quality and regulatory guidelines.

“Commercial algae cultivation, as with any type of production-level cell cultivation, is faced with ever-present risks of contamination,” said Stefansson. “In this session we will present potential risks, highlight important contamination control checkpoints and discuss ways to minimize or avoid common risks throughout the production process – from the input of raw ingredients to the handling of finished consumer products.”

For more information, or to register for the Algae Biomass Summit, please visit:

Algalif Expands Algae Research and Ingredient Production Through Grants and Facility Upgrades

By Fréttir, News

Algalif®, Icelandic producer of pure, high-grade, natural astaxanthin from microalgae, today announced new funding, and an expansion of its manufacturing capabilities with the addition of a spray dryer, in order to increase downstream capacity and facilitate the development of new algae ingredients and novel product formats.

The upgrades to its facilities and installation of new spray-drying equipment immediately enable Algalif to supply premium whole-algae biomass ingredients. The process improvements also help ensure that the quality, stability and efficacy of the astaxanthin is well maintained over time.

Through its facility expansion, Algalif continues to position itself as a leader in algae innovation and research. The company also recently received grants from The Icelandic Centre for Research’s Technology Development Fund and the European Union’s SME Instrument program to help further its ongoing, advanced research on leading-edge algae forms, production methods and applications.

“These investments and expanded manufacturing capabilities reflect Algalif’s ongoing commitment to quality development and process improvement, and its innovation in delivering a wide range of quality algae ingredients,” said Orri Björnsson, CEO of Algalif.

Algalif to Demonstrate Range of Pure, Potent Astalif Astaxanthin Ingredients at SupplySide West

By Fréttir, News

Algalif®, Icelandic producer of pure, high-grade, natural astaxanthin from microalgae, will exhibit its range of Astalíf™ astaxanthin ingredients in booth #5151 at SupplySide West in Las Vegas November 6-10, 2018.

Algalif is built on a solid foundation of quality, purity and sustainability. It makes use of pure Icelandic water and renewable energy to produce its premium Astalif astaxanthin. Algalif will exhibit its ingredients in booth #5151, along with its distribution partner AIC.

Simon Seward, SVP of sales and marketing, and Tryggvi Stefánsson, Ph.D., science manager for Algalif will participate in a discussion on Driving Branded Ingredient Innovation moderated by Jeff Hilton, CMO and co-founder of BrandHive. The presentation is to take place on the Central Stage on Thursday, November 8th at 2:30pm, and will highlight industry best practices for meeting demands for transparency, and finding quality ingredients that are sustainably sourced and cleanly produced.

Astalíf™ astaxanthin is a powerful natural antioxidant sourced from Haematococcus pluvialis with multiple health benefits and a solid scientific foundation. Astalíf is available in 5% and 10% astaxanthin oleoresin with a high concentration of pure astaxanthin. Astalif is particularly suited for applications in healthy aging and sports nutrition, providing support for cognitive health, eye health, muscle recovery, heart health and skin health.

Algalif will also demonstrate its new line of premium natural astaxanthin soft gelatin capsules, branded IceCaps™, which are supplied in bulk for private label use. Made with Algalif’s premium Astalif Astaxanthin oleoresin, IceCaps™ are available as 4 or 12 mg. soft gels.

SupplySide West attendees are invited to visit booth #5151 to discuss specific formulation needs with Algalif scientists and experts.

Algalif Astaxanthin Selected as Top Healthy Aging Ingredient in NutraIngredients–Asia Awards

By Fréttir, News

Winner Nutra Ingredients Asia Awards 2018Algalif®, Icelandic producer of pure, high-grade, natural astaxanthin products from microalgae, received top honors in the NutraIngredients-Asia Awards, with Astalif™ astaxanthin selected as the best Healthy Aging Ingredient. The winning ingredients were selected by a judging committee of industry experts, and based on innovation, and cutting edge research in functional foods, supplements and nutrition. Natural astaxanthin sourced from the Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae is one of the most powerful antioxidants known. It has strong scientific backing, and provides multiple health benefits to support healthy aging.

“Algalif is honored to receive top recognition as the best ingredient for healthy aging, particularly in the Asian market where we are seeing tremendous growth and interest in our astaxanthin products,” said Simon Seward, Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing at Algalif. “This prestigious award emphasizes our ongoing commitment to quality and demonstrates that Astalif is a superior healthy aging ingredient, providing support for numerous age-related health concerns, including heart, brain, eye and skin health.”

The NutraIngredients-Asia Awards judges evaluated ingredients based on demonstration of customer demand, solid scientific evidence, range of applications, commercial success, and innovation. Winners were announced at a special awards ceremony held Sept. 10th in Singapore.

Algalif to Highlight Astaxanthin for Healthy Aging at Vitafoods Asia

By Fréttir, News

Science continually demonstrates the significant benefits of astaxanthin supplementation for healthy aging. The unique carotenoid has been shown to provide support for heart, skin, immune, brain, and eye health.

In stand #L17 at the expo, Algalif will demonstrate the following products:

  • Astalíf™ Astaxanthin – oleoresin ingredients for use in dietary supplements
  • IceCaps™ – premium astaxanthin soft gelatin capsules supplied in bulk for private label applications
  • Icelandic Harvest™ 4 mg Astaxanthin – supplied in bulk to retailers

Icelandic Harvest will be showcased in the New Products Zone where attendees are invited to discover the latest innovations and biggest market successes in the nutraceutical industry. Samples of Icelandic Harvest will also be made available at the Algalif stand #L17.

Astalíf Astaxanthin has been named a finalist in the NutraIngredients-Asia Awards in the category of Healthy Ageing Ingredient of the Year. Award winners will be announced in Singapore on September 10th, the day before the Vitafoods Asia expo opens. NutraIngredients-Asia will display Icelandic Harvest in stand #D15 as a finished product that incorporates the award-winning Astalíf ingredient.

Haraldur Gardarsson, quality control manager at Algalif, will also present Addressing Age-Related Challenges Through Astaxanthin Supplementation in the Life Stages Theatre at 11:35 am on Wednesday, September 12th. The informative session will address how aging affects the body’s antioxidant defense system, what makes astaxanthin a superior antioxidant, and how it helps promote better health and well-being throughout life.

Please visit Algalif at stand #L17 at Vitafoods Asia, or go to www.algalif.com for more information.

Algalif Honored in Prestigious NutraIngredients Awards in Asia

By Fréttir, News

“It is truly an honor to be recognized as a stand-out ingredient in the healthy aging category,” said Simon Seward, Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing at Algalif. “This award reflects the science behind astaxanthin providing support for the primary areas so many are concerned about as we age, including for heart, brain, eye and skin health. This recognition also highlights the serious commitment and dedication to quality that has been built into Algalif from day one as well as the science behind astaxanthin and its many health-support benefits for individuals of all ages.”

Award winners will be announced in Singapore on September 10th, the day before the opening of the Vitafoods Asia expo and event. The awards ceremony will be held on Monday, September 10th from 6:30 – 8:30 pm at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore – Saraca Ballroom, L3. RSVP is required for attendance. For more information or reservations for the event, please contact nutraingredientsasia-awards@wrbm.com.

Algalif will also showcase its portfolio of astaxanthin ingredients along with its premiere branded bulk and retail products at Vitafoods Asia held at the Sands Expo & Convention Centre at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore September 11th and 12th. Emphasizing its growth in the Asia-Pacific region, and in response to retail trade demand, Algalif will focus on the launch of its IceCaps™ astaxanthin soft gelatin capsules, and Icelandic Harvest™ brand of finished astaxanthin products.

Formulated with Astalif Astaxanthin, Icelandic Harvest will be showcased in the NutraIngredients stand, #D15 at Vitafoods Asia representing a finished product application incorporating the award-winning, potent ingredient.

For more information, visit Algalif at Vitafoods Asia (stand #L17).

Algalif Targets Rapid Asia-Pacific Market Growth with Astaxanthin Ingredients and Introduction of Finished Products

By Fréttir, News

“The Asia-Pacific region is a key market for Algalif, and instrumental to our global growth strategy,” said Simon Seward, global business director at Algalif. “There is an increasing awareness throughout Asia regarding the need to take a proactive approach to personal wellness. We are seeing tremendous demand in the region for our astaxanthin ingredients, as the nutrition and supplement markets in Asia continue to experience extremely rapid growth, as well as strong interest in our Icelandic heritage”

Algalif is launching its range of premium natural astaxanthin soft gelatin capsules, branded IceCaps, that are supplied in bulk for private label applications. Made with Algalif’s premium Astalíf Astaxanthin oleoresin, the soft gels are available in different astaxanthin potencies, including 4, 8 and 12 mg.

The company is also introducing its new Icelandic Harvest brand for the retail market featuring Algalif’s Icelandic astaxanthin in a series of dietary supplement products.

For more information, visit Algalif at the upcoming Asia-Pacific events:

  • 3rd Nutraceutical and Functional Food Asia Pacific Summit & Exhibition 2018, June 6-8, Singapore – Booth #A2
  • Healthplex & Nutraceutical China 2018, June 20-22, Shanghai – Booth #E7D07 (exhibiting along with Connell Brothers)
  • Vitafoods Asia 2018, September 11-12, Singapore – Booth #L17

Algalif Launches Astaxanthin Finished Formulations at Vitafoods Europe 2018

By Fréttir, News

Algalif will introduce a range of premium natural astaxanthin soft gelatin capsules, branded IceCaps, that are supplied in bulk for private label applications. Made with Algalif’s premium Astalif Astaxanthin oleoresin, the soft gels are available in different astaxanthin potencies, including 4, 8 and 12 mg.

At Vitafoods, Algalif will also debut its first branded astaxanthin formulation, Icelandic Harvest 4 mg Astaxanthin + Vitamin E, which combines everything that is great about Iceland into an easy to take dietary supplement. Icelandic Harvest 4 mg Astaxanthin + Vitamin E is supplied in bulk for online and physical retailers interested in adding a little Icelandic magic to their customers’ daily diet. Icelandic Harvest 4 mg Astaxanthin + Vitamin E will be in display at the Vitafoods New Product Zone.

In addition, Tryggvi Stefánsson, PhD., Science Manager at Algalif, will present an educational session on Water Quality, Heavy Metal Controls & Nutraceuticals along with Michel Horn, chairman of EHPM on May 17th at 12:10 on the Vitafoods Centre Stage.  Attendees will gain guidelines for ensuring quality and purity in nutraceutical products.

For more information, visit Algalif at Vitafoods (stand #E54).

Algalif Receives Grant to Optimize HPLC Method for Astaxanthin Quantification

By Fréttir, News

“The internationally accepted HPLC-method for astaxanthin quantification is time-consuming, laborious, and prone to human error, which can cause fluctuations in the measured astaxanthin titer,” said Dr. Haraldur Gardarsson, Quality Control Manager at Algalif. “Our goals with this research project is to either resolve, circumvent the flaws within the current method, or define an entirely new HPLC method for more accurate astaxanthin quantification.”

The project will be conducted over the summer 2018 and will culminate with the submission of a proposal to the USP for improving the HPLC method.