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Algalif is best astaxanthin supplier in the world – for the second year in a row!

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Algalif has been awarded the Global Health and Pharma Biotechnology Awards 2022 as the Best Natural Astaxanthin Products Supplier. Algalif got the same award in 2021.

This is the seventh time that the UK-based Global Health & Pharma magazine gives out the international Biotechnology Awards. The magazine is a part of AI Global Media publishing house.

“We are honored by receiving these esteemed awards for the second time,” says Orri Bjornsson, Algalif´s CEO. “But the real honor belongs to our dedicated team and their hard work.”

Algalif is one of the world’s biggest producers of sustainable natural astaxanthin. Algalif is the first and only Icelandic Company to be awarded the GHP Pharma Biotechnology Awards and therefor also the first Icelandic company to win it twice.

Algalíf Iceland is the winner of Biotechnology Awards 2022.

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Algalif CEO is one of the top 10 business leaders of 2022

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Algalif´s CEO Orri Björnsson has been honored as one of the Top Ten business leaders of the year 2022 by CEO Views magazine. Read the article here.

Read the article here or by clicking on the picture.

CIO Views was established in Jan 2019. It has offices in Wyoming and Texas in the USA and Maharashtra in India. There are over 12.000 subscribers to the printed version and over 109.000 digital subscribers. The total readership is estimated at over 145.000. There are over 200.000 page views on average every month at CIO Views website.

Algalif Iceland has received Landsbankinn´s Sustainable Finance Label.

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Algalif Iceland is a world-leading producer of sustainable natural astaxanthin from microalgae. The company only uses 100% green geothermal energy and follows a strict Environmental Policy. And now Algalif Iceland has received Landsbankinn´s Sustainable Finance Label.

Landsbankinn is a leading financial institution in Iceland, offering universal financial services to individuals, corporates, and investors. The bank operates in harmony with the environment and society. For further information click here.

Algalif is among the biggest microalgae companies in the world and will grow even further in the coming years with its expansion. From 2023 the company will produce over 5.000 kg of sustainable natural astaxanthin in its 12.500 m² production facilities in Iceland. Thereby, it will be the biggest producer of natural astaxanthin in the world.

The picture shows Orri Björnsson, CEO of Algalíf og Hrafn Hardarson from Landsbankinn.

Algalif´s astaxanthin products certified by CarbonNeutral®

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In accordance with Algalif´s Environmental Policy Manifesto, Algalif´s astaxanthin products are now certified as a CarbonNeutral®. Algalif produces plant microalgae using clean natural water and green geothermal energy.

For two decades, the CarbonNeutral® Protocol has played a critical role in enabling clients to confidently make clear and credible claims about their climate programs and navigate the complicated and rapidly developing landscape of voluntary climate action.

Algalif choose CarbonNeutral® as a green certification partner based on its outstanding reputation. Among other international companies with the same certifications are Microsoft, Logitech, and Sky. For further information regarding the CarbonNeutral® certification please go to www.carbonneutral.com.


CEO of Algalif chosen as one of the ten most inspiring CEO´s of the year.

By Algalif in international media, Awards, News

US-based Global business magazine CIO Look has chosen Orri Bjornsson, CEO of Algalif, as one of the ten most inspiring CEO´s in 2021 to watch.

The magazine’s article it is brought to the reader’s attention that “in today’s competitive business world, organizations are in dire need of leaders who are mentally oriented to continuously look forward to reaching the finish line, set ambitious goals for themselves and their teams, and are driven by progress. Algaif Iceland found the one as its CEO, Orri  Björnsson.”

Click here to read the article about Orri Bjornsson

Click on the picture or here to see the whole magazine.


A photo by Simone Tramonte.

A photo taken at Algalif´s microalgae plant in Iceland wins international awards

By Algalif in the media, News

A photo taken at Algalif´s microalgae plant in Iceland has landed Italian photographer Simone Tramonte the title Environmental Photographer of the Year (EPOTY) in the category Sustainable Cities. The winners of the awards were announced at COP26 in Glasgow.

The Environmental Photographer of the Year (EPOTY) is now in its 14th year. More than 2.000 photographers admitted over 7.000 photos. According to its website, the award showcases the most inspirational environmental photography around the world.

All the winning pictures can be seen in this BBC online story.

Award-winning photo by Simone Tramonte.


Sales of Nutramunity Beta Glucan skyrockets

By News

Since Algalif started selling Nutramunity Beta Glucan in 2018, total sales have increased 19-fold, from about 200 units sold in the first year to over 4.000 units in 2021 with a substantial increase during the pandemic. Nutramunity Beta Glucan is a high-quality food supplement product made from yeast. It is considered to be one of the most effective immune boosters out there. Nutramunity is a sub-brand of astaxanthin producer Algalíf Iceland. Sales of Nutramunity Beta Glucan have increased significantly in recent years and months. As the chart shows, sales have picked up sharply since the covid pandemic hit the world.

Even though the food supplement and vitamin sector has seen increasing sales during the pandemic, not many ingredients have seen a similar boost. Orri Björnsson, CEO of Algalif, says increased awareness of health has had a positive effect on the sales of Nutramunity Beta Glucan. “We’re seeing more growth in Beta Glucan sales now, than ever before. That, of course, tells us two things. First, Nutramunity Beta Glucan works as intended to strengthen the immune system. Otherwise, people would not continue to buy it. Secondly, there is a great awakening among consumers around the world regarding health and healthy living, as we see in both Beta Glucan and astaxanthin sales.

New water dissolvable astaxanthin beadlets

By News

Algalif Iceland has added two types of astaxanthin beadlets to its product portfolio in partnership with Divi´s Nutraceuticals. These beadlets are made by Divis with sustainable natural astaxanthin from Algalif.

One type is specifically formulated for use in powdered drink mixes and beverages. It offers quick dissolution when added to water. The other type is used for nutritional bars and soft tablets. It offers direct compressibility without oil extrusion and discoloration of tablets. Below is a microscopical picture of the beadlets.
Please send beadlets inquiries to sales@algalif.com.

Algalif awarded as one of the fastest growing companies in Iceland.

By Awards, News
The Icelandic Growth Consortium has awarded Algalif as one of the country’s fastest-growing companies. This is a great honor for a young biotech startup company like Algalif. The Icelandic Growth Consortium consists of the Federation of Icelandic Industries, Iceland Startups, the University of Reykjavik, and The Icelandic Center for Research.
The pictures show Gudlaugur Thor Thordarson, foreign minister of Iceland Orri Bjornsson, CEO of Algalif, other winners, the judges, and leaders of the Association of Icelandic Industry.
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