Environmental Policy

Algalif´s Environmental Policy Manifesto

Algalif is one of the most sustainable companies in its field worldwide. The company is determined to use best practices regarding sustainability and matters of the environment. The company seeks to be exemplary and inspire others. We work in the spirit of the UN Global Goals.

Algalif is beyond Zero Carbon Footprint.
  1. Algalif´s production is carbon negative, it consumes CO₂ and releases oxygen.
  2. All of Algalif´s cars, forklifts and other machinery run on green electricity.
  3. Algalif is a Zero Fossil fuel company.
  4. All energy used by Algalif is green geothermal energy.
  5. Algalif saves energy by only using computer-controlled LED lights in its production.
Algalif follows a strict Zero Waste policy. 
  1. We reduce, reuse, and recycle.
  2. We minimize the use of plastic.
  3. We take into consideration the environmental footprint of our purchases.
Algalif minimizes the use of land, water and other natural resources.
  1. We see it as our duty to use natural resources in an environmentally responsible way.
  2. Algalif uses less water in its production annually than the rainfall on its lot.
  3. Algalif produces more biomass per hectare than any of its competitors.
Algalif works with its local society and its employees to be sustainable.
  1. All Algalif employees have access to free electricity to charge their cars at work.
  2. Algalif educates its employees on environmental matters.
  3. Algalif works with the local community for a sustainable and prosperous future.