Icelandic Sustainability

Icelandic Purity is Unmatched

Iceland provides the perfect starting point for our algae cultivation – an astoundingly pristine environment, free of contaminants and pollutants; access to abundant, pure water; and a continuous supply of renewable energy.

Responsible Energy Use

Energy is an essential input to astaxanthin production. Electricity requirements can be a huge contributor to environmental burdens when manufacturers rely upon non-renewable energy resources like fossil fuels. Rich in hydro and geothermal resources, Iceland generates 100% of its electricity from clean energy. Algalif’s access to clean energy is the first and primary step in bringing our products to the marketplace.

  • The Algalif facility is 100% powered by geothermal energy.
  • Our proprietary lighting system which enables us to reduce overall energy consumption by 50%, in addition to providing for optimal microalgae growth, productivity and yield.
  • Icelandgenerates 100% of its electricity from clean energy, using only 35% of its estimated potential.

Smart Water Management

At our production facility in Iceland, Algalif has access to one of Earth’s purest water, available in abundance —far more per capita than any other nation. Icelandic water is extremely clean, low in minerals and almost sterile from its source. Even with access to abundant natural resources, Algalif takes a responsible approach to water management:

Clinical studies have shown that natural astaxanthin:

  • Our production methods allow for close to 0% water evaporation, while some manufacturers lose up to 20% of water per day.
  • Algalif doesn’t have to cool, heat, or move water during our production process, allowing us to conserve water.
Algalif´s Environmental Policy Manifesto